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Las Vegas has rightfully earned its place as one of the premiere "nightlife" destinations in the country!  What this means to the general public is having to wait in a line that seems to be never-ending and a typical 2-3 hour wait just to get into the nightclub as pictured above! 


Key 2 Sin City offers 2 different options for all of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas.


- One of our VIP hosts will meet with your group

- Our VIP host will walk your group past the lines

- Cover charge and all nightclub taxes


- One of our VIP hosts will meet with your group

- Our VIP host will walk you past the long lines

- A table will be reserved prior to your arrival

- Choice of pre-selected bottles or spending limit

- Choice of mixers to create your own cocktails


Intrigue Nightclub is the newest venue to make its debut at the Wynn Resort in the spring of 2016.  This venue replaces the same space which was formerly occupied by Tryst Nightclub and introduces a new concept that is sure to be a game changer. 

Omnia Nightclub has been one of the most anticipated venues to open up in years!  This nightclub has taken Vegas by storm since its recent grand opening in the spring of 2015.  The hottest DJs can be found spinning on any given night at this venue.     More >>

XS Nightclub is, without a doubt, one of the hottest nightclubs in the country let alone Las Vegas!!!  This nightclub has continued to remain at the top of the list and has not slowed down since its grand opening a few years.  Guests can expect to wait a minimum of 2-3 hours on any given weekend!     More >>   

Hakkasan has already established itself as the ultimate nightclub destination since its recent opening.  This nightclub is home to some of the top DJs in the world such as Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, among many others.  The demand for this venue is extremely high and getting in can take up to 3+ hours!     More >> 

Marquee Nightclub is quickly becoming the premiere destination among all of the nightclubs.   This venue is the latest addition to its sister properties TAO and Lavo and has taken nightlife to the next level.  Guests can expect to wait an average of 2-3 hours during the weekends.     More >>

Light Nightclub brings a unique nightlife concept from the collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and the Light Group.  This venue offers a nightlife experience like no other with its theatrical elements and special effects.     More >>

Surrender Nightclub is another premiere destination that is well worth checking out.  This venue continues to feature the hottest DJ's from around the world on a weekly basis which is the primary reason new and repeat clientele are drawn to this venue despite its competition.     More >>

Hyde Bellagio has brought its innovative concept from the original location in Hollywood to Las Vegas.  The legendary hot spot in Hollywood became one of the premiere hangouts among celebrities and athletes.  Now they are attracting the same type of clientele here in Las Vegas.     More >> 

1 Oak Nightclub is the newest nightclub to take Las Vegas by storm.  This nightclub originated in New York City and has added a sister location here in Las Vegas.  A combination of sophistication and sexiness create an atmosphere like no other.     More >>

Bank Nightclub is an elegant venue that caters to those with the most discriminating taste.  This venue offers all the amenities and service that one can only expect in a Five Diamond resort.  Its upscale decor and design flow seamlessly with the architecture throughout the nightclub.     More >>

Chateau Nightclub had recently emerged as one of the newer hot spots.  Formerly known as Risque, this new venue has reinvented itself as one of the newer hot spots for both hip hop and house music.     More >>

TAO Nightclub still remains as a popular choice among party-goers.  Its origin can be traced back to New York City.  The flagship location here in Las Vegas was built with one goal in offer an experience that will keep guests coming back for more.  Sure enough...they continue to return!     More >> 

LAX Nightclub had earned a reputation as the premiere destination for many A-list celebrities and socialites.  Numerous celebrities have hosted special events at this venue while a great number of famous singers have performed live on its stage on many occassions as well.     More >>

LiFE Nightclub is the newest nightlife concept from the innovative creators at SBE Entertainment.  This venue redefines the typical status quo among nightclubs by focusing all of the attention on its guests.  Its unique concept definitely makes it one of the nightclubs to check out.     More >>

Body English Nightclub has returned from its dormant hiatus to bring you back the same excitement from before.  This venue has received a minor facelift and remains virtually the same for the most part including the 250K chandelier.  The addition of its after hours event is sure to attract the serious partygoers.    More >>