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Bachelor Party Packages

We have several bachelor party packages that you can choose from or you can create a custom package for your group!


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Bachelorette Party Packages

We have several bachelorette party packages that you can choose from or you can create a custom package for the girls!


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Q.  Why should we book a bachelorette party package with Key2SinCity?


A.  Key2SinCity is the premiere VIP hosting company here in Las Vegas and specializes in bachelor parties where others continue to fail.  We have done a tremendous amount of business with the nightclubs over the years.  In addition, we have established a solid relationship with all of the nightclubs which is why we can guarantee your group a hassle-free night with no worries at all.  All you have to do is sit back and have fun while we take care of the rest.



Q.  Can you get a large group of girls into the hottest nightclubs?


A.  Absolutely!  Nightclubs do NOT welcome bachelorette parties for the simple fact that there are hundreds of other girls who are all trying to get in also.  In fact, some of the clubs have a line just for the girls to wait in!  It becomes more of a hassle to let a large group of girls in versus a couple in here and there.  We, on the other hand, are well-connected with all of the nightclubs here in Las Vegas.  Whether you have a small group of 10 or a large group of 30 girls, we are here to make things happen regardless of the number of people.  Key2SinCity only deals with the "hottest" nightclubs so you don't have to worry about us taking you to a club that's weak like some of our competitors are known to do.



Q.  What is the difference if we deal directly with the nightclub versus Key2SinCity?


A.  There are a few reasons why you should book your bachelor party with Key2SinCity.  First of all, the nightclub do NOT know you and will NOT book a table for a large group of girls unless they are spending a lot of money.  Nightclubs would rather reserve their limited space to celebrities or high rollers.  It may NOT seem fair at all, but the fact of the matter is that nightclubs are in the business to make money.  Next, if you do manage to book a table for a smaller group of girls, there's no telling how long your group will be waiting out front before the doorman even acknowledges your very existence!  This is never the case with us at all.  The door host will immediately recognize the VIP host assigned to your group and clear a path for our clients right past the other groups of people who did not book through us.  Key2SinCity receives "first priority" over everybody else including our competition which they really hate!  Last but not least, we not only "guarantee" a table for our clients, but get them some of the best tables in the nightclub.  Only Key2SinCity can provide your group with this type of service. 



Q.  Do we have to pay for our bachelor party package in full before we arrive?


A.  Of course not!  Key2SinCity does not require you to pay for the entire balance in full before you even set foot in Las Vegas unlike our competitors.  We understand how some people may feel hesitant when dealing over the internet.  Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with us as well as the services that we provide.  That's why we offer very flexible payment terms for your group.  All that we ask for is a small deposit in order to secure your reservation.  That gives the "maid of honor" or the person in charge of the group enough time to collect money from the others.  The remaining balance can then be paid to the VIP host who is assigned to your group.



Q.  Will my boyfriend/fiance/soon-to-be husband find out about our wild night(s) in Las Vegas?


A.  What bachelorette party are you talking about?  Key2SinCity does not share nor release your private information to anyone period.  That famous saying "what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas" holds true for each and every one of our clients.  Key2SinCity understands the nature behind bachelorette parties and will protect your privacy by all means.  Only with your permission will we post any group photos onto our website.