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We have several bachelor party packages that you can choose from or you can create a custom package for your group!


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Key2SinCity does not want the party to end for our clients before it even begins due to their inappropriate behavior and actions.  Therefore, we have put together some useful tips listed below that every bachelor party should go over as a group.  With that being said...let's get the party started!


  • The use, possesion, or sale of narcotics is strictly prohibited.  Everyone seems to think that anything goes in Las Vegas which isn't true at all.  Nightclubs have a "zero tolerance" policy and will not only have you removed from the club, but will not hesitate to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.  Bottom NOT ask for drugs!!


  • Prostitution is illegal in Clark County which includes the city of Las Vegas.  If you really adament in seeking pleasure, then you will have to travel to Nye County where it is legal.  Nye County is just a short drive away which is worth avoiding a trip to the county jail.


  • Do not get arrested over the weekend.  Otherwise, you may not get out of jail until Monday morning which will ruin your entire trip to Vegas.  Spending an entire weekend in a Las Vegas jail is just not worth it.


  • Do NOT try to use a fake ID when getting into the nightclubs.  Doormen and nightclub security are highly trained in spotting fake ID's.  If you are caught with one, not only will they confiscate it, but you may face possible arrest as well.


  • Dress codes are strictly enforced at the nightclubs.  This means that hats, baggy jeans, tennis shoes, etc. are strictly prohibited and you will not be allowed in under no circumstances.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!  Paying the doorman off to overlook the dress code will not work either.  Trust us...we've already tried it.


  • Do NOT get into a fight inside of the nightclub or anywhere for that matter.  It's just not worth it.  Fighting is not going to get you anywhere, but in a pair of handcuffs.


  • Do NOT carry valuables with you when you are partying the night away.  Safes are usually provided for your convenience inside most hotel rooms.


  • Please be courteous and prompt when meeting with your VIP host.  He/she is the one that will be taking good care of you so don't forget to tip them if they did a great job.