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Bachelor Party Packages

We have several bachelor party packages that you can choose from or you can create a custom package for your group!


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Bachelorette Party Packages

We have several bachelorette party packages that you can choose from or you can create a custom package for the girls!


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  • Peace of mind without any headaches or hassles ........................................

           Key2SinCity is the premiere destination management company that is dedicated    

           to servicing the needs of its clientele.  We are not your typical concierge service     

           found in hotels.  Our company incorporates all of the same services a hotel offers

           and takes it one step further by providing each client with more personalized     

           attention.  What this means is that you'll be receiving the same VIP treatment

           which is normally reserved for high rollers and celebrities.  One of our VIP hosts

           is always either by your side or within easy reach by phone to cater to your every

           need.  Our company was founded with the goal of eliminating the "headaches" and

           "hassles" associated with planning an activity or event.


  • VIP access into the hottest nightclubs, pool parties, etc. ............................

           Key2SinCity offers VIP access into just about every type of venue including the

           hottest nightclubs, coolest pool parties, hippest concerts, and much much more!

           Whether your're here in Vegas for a bachelor / bachelorette party or celebrating

           a birthday party, Key2SinCity is here to get your entire group into any venue

           guaranteed!  We can accommodate groups ranging from 2 to 40+ people with ease.

           Trying to "grease" the doormen on your own is like "shooting the dice" on a cold

           craps table.  In other words, it is unlikely that the doormen will even acknowledge

           your very existence let alone take the time out to see what you are offering when

           there are hundreds of other people with the same idea!  Even if you do happen to

           get a chance to talk to them, you are more likely going to get extorted for far more

           money than what we would normally charge in the first place.


  • Legitimate .......... Professional .......... Reliable .......... Reputable ..........

           Key2SinCity provides unparalleled customer service to each and every client.

           We are a "legitimate" company that is fully licensed in the city of Las Vegas.

           Our company is "here to stay" unlike some of our fly-by-night competitors who

           are "here today and gone tomorrow"!  Our "professional" and courteous staff are

           attentive to your every need.  We are very "reliable" when it comes to making

           things happen for your group and getting the job done unlike some of our other

           competitors who make false promises.  Our "reputable" nature is very important

           to us and is what we are the most proud of!  Key2SinCity is in the business of

           building life-long relationships with our clientele which the biggest reason why

           we receive so many referrals from our existing clients.


  • Personalized service because we care ..................................................

           Key2SinCity offers every client the personalized service that they deserve. 

           Some of the larger corporations do not have their clients' best interest on their

           mind.  It's all a number game to them and they do not feel that it is necessary

           to offer you the personalized attention of having a VIP host by your side. 

           Instead, they feel that a client can just print out a voucher and present it to the

           doorman at the nightclub to get right in without any problems.  The fact of the 

           matter is that the people with vouchers will be stuck in front of the nightclub

           trying to get someone's attention while one of our VIP hosts will walk our clients

           right past them and into the club before the doorman even acknowledges their 

           existence.  Plain and simple, our clients get priority over everyone else once the

           doormen see one of our VIP hosts walk up to the ropes.