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"Takuma from Key2SinCity has once again proved they are the best VIP service in Las Vegas.  My friends and I wanted to enjoy some sun and fun at a pool party and Takuma hooked us up with a cabana and a tab at one of the top adult pool parties on the Strip.  We had a blast and stumbled home with great memories.  I have used other services in the past have always been disappointed with the turnout...broken promises, calls not returned, higher prices from what was initially negotiated.  Since using Key2SinCity for the past 6 years, I have never been disappointed.  They truly know how to take care of their customers.  I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to have an incredible time in Sin City.


Jason Williamson 

Portland, OR



"I wanted to 'THANK YOU' for the wonderful (wonderful is an understatement) job you did with my group of 40 in Las Vegas back in March.  Your expertise and knowledge of Vegas is unmatched.  The ease of getting us into all of the hottest clubs was incredible!  Everyone from our group was just blown away with everything!!  Your choice of what clubs to go to, on what nights was spot on!  The party buses were clean and on time (although often the group was not!), but you handled everything with such ease and professionalism.  It was just awesome!  You definitely created an experience for my guests that they will never forget."


Adria M.

ICON International, Inc.



"Key2SinCity and Takuma setup a sick weekend for me and my buddies to party at some of the best venues in Vegas.  We could not have asked for a better table at Surrender and Takuma could not have picked a better spot than the Bank on Sunday night.  Takuma knows all of the hots spots, and has the connections so that you skip every line and get the best service - he always has your best interest in mind and operates with the utmost integrity.  We definitely plan to have Key2SinCity and Takuma hook us up for our next Vegas weekend."


Rob Twilley

San Francisco, CA



"Key2SinCity and working with Takuma were definitely the way to go for my brother's bachelor party night in Las Vegas.  I simply conveyed what we were looking for in a fun night and all the details were planned out and coordinated for us:  from the stretch Hummer limo that arrived right at the front of our hotel to the VIP table waiting for us at Pure Nightclub in Caesar's Palace.  The entire experience was seamless.  I would highly recommend working with Takuma and Key2SinCity if you plan on throwing a bachelor party or any other important event in las Vegas."


Narayanan C.

Washington D.C.



"My friends and I were in Vegas for a bachelor party and were concerned that with the size of the group we'd have difficulty getting in somewhere and we were resigned to believing we'd have to make do with some 3rd tier club and make the most of it.  But I remembered Key2SinCity hosting another bachelor party that I was at a couple of weeks before and thought I'd call to see if they could do something better for us than what we planned out.  Key2SinCity was amazing!  They were able to get our large group into a top tier club, XS, without a hitch and with nothing but the genuine effort and desire to make sure we all had a great time.  My friends weren't sure what to expect, but they were amazed at how seamlessly we were able to get into XS.  We all had a great time and all the thanks to Key2SinCity.  Thanks again for all you did for us!


Sammy Choi

Seattle, WA



"This is the second time I've used Takuma and Key2SinCity for my trips out to Vegas and haven't been disappointed yet.  Takuma and his team have bent over backwards to fulfill all of our requests.  He's got the best hook-ups anywhere you want to go and I've never waited in line to get in.  They provide great service and I will definitely use him the next time I go.  Anyone that asks...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


Kenny H.

Washington D.C.


"Key2SinCity was extremely professional from the get-go.  The VIP host was responsive to our needs and best of all, was in constant communication with us throughout the weekend, just to make sure we were having a great time.  He was very helpful in his suggestions and offered us a number of options, all the while never trying to "oversell."  I will definitely do business with Key2SinCity again and give them my highest recommendation."


Ash K.

Los Angeles, CA


"It was great what you were able to do for me and my friends and I really appreciate it.  The service was outstanding.  The driver was right on time and really cool.  Me and my friends got bottle service for free just for having a large party.  I know one hand washes the other but WOW, a free bottle.  Didn't expect that.  The guy who helped arrange things for me (Takuma) was by his phone around the clock in case changes needed to be made.  The deals I got were almost too good to be true.  I will definitely hit you guys up when I come back, that is a promise."


Sammy Laham

Columbus, OH


"The service Key2SinCity provided was fabulous!  Takuma escorted our party past the ridiculously long line and into Tryst on a holiday weekend with ease.  Even though we were only a party of two, we received the same level of professionalism and great service provided to larger parties.  I would definitely use Key2SinCity again!

Lexia L.

Oakland, CA

"Thanks for hooking my crew up all weekend long.  Definitely enjoyed skipping the super long line at Tryst....and, our table at Pure was sick!!!  Definitely going to give you a call next time I'm in Vegas!"


Cliff Twilley

Playa Del Rey, CA


"I wanted to shoot you out an e-mail thanking you for helping us out this weekend.  We all had a great time at Tao.  I'll make sure to look you up next time I'm in Vegas.  Thanks again."

Rick Corbit

Manhattan Beach, CA


"When I went out to Vegas I ran into some guy telling me he had links.  So I decided, 'Sure why not?  Show me what's up then...Drinks, girls, bottles, and a touch of the good life.'  All of a sudden, I found myself partying like a "rock star" up in VIP.  Brian showed us the door and Takuma definitely hooked up the Key!  Overall, I was impressed with the service from Key2SinCity before and after the club.  They hooked it up!"

Will Ng

Edmonton, Canada



"Takuma, as always you and your staff were great this weekend.  We know it's not easy for 15 guys to get around Vegas and into the best clubs without waiting.  You always make our trips and Bachelor parties easy and stress free.  The tables on the terrace at Pure were awesome and the service impeccable.  I have already referred two more people to you this week.  We will see you again in September.  Thanks for all the great service."

Kyle Oswald

Seattle, Washington


"Takuma has once again provided myself and my group with a spectacular Vegas experience. Whether it is a big or small group, club or lounge, things always run smoothly.  I have and will continue to use Key2SinCity for all of my needs when I visit.  Thanks a lot T!  You are the best."

Caleb Grunseth

San Diego, CA


"Takuma and Jordan were very helpful as usual.  We will definitely call you again on our next visit as we certainly want to check out Moon.  I can't imagine coming to Vegas

without enlisting your help.  The time you save us is well worth the costs.  Thanks again."

Stan Baker

Hughson, CA


"Outstanding!  Outstanding!  Outstanding!  I gladly give three cheers to my ultimate VIP hosts Takuma and Jordan.  I've partied in style with the best of them in Miami, NY, Toronto, and DC, and nothing compared to the saturation of bad ass fun that I enjoyed with these guys.  They took our group of five to only the hottest clubs at the perfect times to enjoy the company of mind-blowing beauties that'll make you have wet dreams til next year.  Their services were impeccable and accommodated to last minute changes.  I'm a perfectionist, and I've researched everybody else so STOP LOOKING!  If you want to enjoy the ultimate VIP Vegas experience drenched in pure ecstasy, you party with these guys period.

Kenneth Kim

Alexandria, VA


"Thanks for the wonderful service your company provided.  After using your service, there's no way I can plan another trip to Vegas without first making arrangements with your company.  The service was friendly, on time, and personal.  What other company has their CEO escorting you into the hottest nightclubs on a packed weekend night?  If you want that feeling, the feeling that you are THE IT walking past the common ill-prepared folks, Key2SinCity is what you need.  Next time, the first thing I'll pack is your number."

Moises Aguilar

Santa Ana, CA



"Thanks for everything:  the great service and excellent treatment!  I will definitely be using your service again and again."


Donny Le

Los Angeles, CA



"Hey Takuma, I just got back and wanted to thank you for taking care of my group last weekend.  It turned out to be a real success and everyone had a fantastic time.  I appreciate your diligence in assuring that everything went smoothly.  I will definitely use you again in the future and plan on recommending you to clients and friends.


Robert Luna

Scottsdale, AZ

"I got home today and got your message.  Thanks for taking the time to follow up with me.  Everyone had a blast and it was definitely worth the money spent.  Thank you for all of your help and patience.  I am definitely jealous of your job.  You have it made.  Next time in Vegas I may just give you a call for another night out."

Sean Still

Maricopa, AZ

"I can't thank you and Key2SinCity enough for the good times that my friends and I have had in Vegas this past year.  On the numerous occassions that we have had the opportunity to use your service each has resulted in a renounding success.  Whether it was just my lady and I or the 21 guy bachelor party, you've handled our needs without a hitch at the two largest and well known Vegas hotspots, Rain in the Desert and Pure."


"Personal service is key factor in deciding how I plan my vacations. Key2SinCity has provided me with the ultimate in personal service. And the best part is that, no matter what level of service I've used, whether it was VIP entrance or full blown $$$$ table services, the response from Key2SinCity has been the same. We always felt like a VIP. And in a town like Vegas, there is no better feeling, except for maybe winning the Mega Bucks $35,000,0000 progressive. I'd recommend Key2SinCity to anyone planning a trip to Vegas"


Dallas Dolen

San Jose, CA


"Takuma and his team of professionals coordinate our trips with perfection.  I have been a client of Takuma for years and every trip is top notch complete with red carpet treatment from his staff as well as the staff of the establishments we visit.  I highly recommend his services to anyone who likes to travel in style and requires a stress free trip."


T.J. Sassani

San Diego, CA



"Once again, Key2SinCity has gone above and beyond my expectations to show my friends and I an experience of a lifetime.  Takuma, the President of the company, was able to get us a VIP table at Body English for the Motley Crue concert after-hours party even though the entire place was sold out.  Nothing like partying with crazy man Tommy Lee.  Thanks again Key2SinCity"


Jason Williamson

Scottsdale, AZ


"Takuma helped us out last night at PURE.  Again, I want to thank you for your help.  The next time I am in town, I will definitely give you a see if you can help us out again.  I appreciate everything.  I hope that things are going well and I will talk to you in the near future."


Ravi Sankaran

Portland, OR


"I first heard about Takuma through a friend of mine who used his service.  I was very hesitant at first, but after numerous conversations through e-mails and by phone, I was very pleased with their response to my questions and concerns.  They were very professional and well organized. In addition, they were very accommodating with my request.  I was no longer doubtful with what they can do for me, in fact I was looking forward to working with them.  I was very impressed with their organization.  Everything went according to plan and worked out exactly how I anticipated.  I literally felt like a VIP and avoided the 3-hour line at PURE and all 19 of my friends got in without haggling.  I'm very happy with Key2SinCity, and also enjoyed working with them. They are no doubt one of the most exclusive and reputable companies out there.  I'm completely satisfied with the service and will recommend anyone to them.  Thank you!"



Los Angeles, CA


"A group of guys in Vegas from Iceland, cool city and Takuma is the guy to have fun with. Thanks, we had a great evening!"


Fridjon Holmbertsson

Reykjavik, Iceland


"Takuma was a great service and a great help.  I was given the challenge of planning a bachelor party for my brother, but really didn't have the free time that it would surely take to do all the appropriate internet research necessary.  But even then from past experience I knew that the internet could not substitute for personal experience.  Whereas, with Key2SinCity the team, yes "a team" of people, they know the ins and outs of that entire city so they can always provide the best of what you are looking for.  From the moment the party started the team at Key2SinCity took care of whatever needs any guest had.  Everywhere we went there was always someone from the team close by to make sure we were taken care of."

"First we rented out a go kart track and went racing.  Come evening we went to a great dinner at N9NE Steakhouse in the Palms, where of course when I called there were no reservations available, but yet somehow Takuma was able to book a table for 15 at the exact time we wanted.  From there, it was off to the gentlemen's club where they had a great table waiting for all of us.  After digesting the food and the "entertainment," it was off to the clubs.  Now we all have probably gone to a place only to see a line that seemed like you would only get in by perhaps sunrise - well not with Key2SinCity.  Straight to the front of a line, that in all practical terms was at least a thousand people long.  People were literally trying to act like they were in our group or do anything else to come in with us.  It truly felt like there was a minute we were all celebrities. Inside again we had a table with all of our liquor there in a minute."

"From now on I am sure to call upon Takuma whenever I visit Vegas.  With the kind of service I received it would not be hard to visit again and again.  The best part was that it took less than a week to plan, which is all the time I had since the party was only in a week and the people at Key2SinCity are willing to work with you on price so that no matter what your budget is they can get things done."



Berkeley, CA



Key2SinCity is the bomb!!  I will never go to Las Vegas again without using its services. The reps were great.  Each night our group was well taken care of, and we were treated with the utmost respect.  Getting into clubs was fast and painless, and everything always ran smoothly.  Takuma knows all the hot spots to party, and he prides himself on seeing his customers through a complete night of entertainment from VIP entry into clubs, to arranging safe rides home.  The reps can customize any night so that it is perfect for any occasion.  I can't wait to go back to Las Vegas and use Key2SinCity again."


Megan Turner

Fort Lauderdale, FL