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Bachelor Party Packages

We have several bachelor party packages that you can choose from or you can create a custom package for your group!


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Bachelorette Party Packages

We have several bachelorette party packages that you can choose from or you can create a custom package for the girls!


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Will you provide us with passes/vouchers or put our names on the guest list?

No, we do not deal with paper passes/vouchers nor guest lists at all like some of our competitors.  The biggest reason why is because we are in the business of providing our clients with VIP access.  We have VIP hosts who will personally escort your group right into the club with absolutely no wait at all!  What good is a paper pass or voucher when you still have to wait in a separate VIP line just to get in?  In addition, having your name on the guest list is no different than a VIP pass.  Either way, you will still end up having to wait until the doorman acknowledges your existence while you are struggling to get his attention.  Then you are at his mercy to let you in at HIS discretion, not yours which means MORE waiting! At Key2SinCity, that's not VIP access at all and is definitely not what we are about! 


What is the difference between a VIP pass and VIP hosted entry?

There is a major difference between the two services.  A VIP pass simply allows you to wait in a separate VIP line versus the general admission line, whereas a VIP hosted entry involves an actual VIP host who will personally escort your group right into the nightclub.  Even though the VIP line is much shorter than the general admission line, the fact of the matter is that you will still end up having to wait.  Key2SinCity does not believe in the concept of VIP passes or vouchers that you have to actually print out and bring along with you.  


What exactly is bottle service?

Bottle service is truly the ultimate way to enjoy your experience since the nightclubs in Las Vegas do not offer general seating.  It provides  your group with the comfort and privacy of your very own VIP table.  Typically, the nightclubs will require you to order 1 bottle of alcohol for every 3~4 people in the group.  As an added bonus, each bottle of alcohol comes with your choice of select mixers so that you can have drinks made the way you like them.  Whether you simply want to hang out at the table or dance the night away,  the table is yours to do as you please for the entire night.  Key2SinCity will ensure that you get the table you desire along with the bottles that you requested.


Why is it better if we book bottle service through you?

Bottle service booked through us is beneficial in many ways.  A group that books a table along with bottle service directly with the nightclub or with one of our competitors are going to run into a few roadblocks.  First of all, nightclubs will not book a table with 8 or more guys period regardless of the amount of money they plan on spending.  In addition, your group will be stuck outside waiting in a separate line for table reservations even though you already have reservations ahead of time.  That is never the case when you deal directly with us.  Key2SinCity does a tremendous amount of business with the hottest clubs each and every weekend which means that our groups are given a high priority over all the rest of the groups.  Not only can we book a table for a large group of guys, but we can also get you one of the best premium tables in the nightclub.  In addition, we will walk your group right past the others who are stuck waiting in the line for table reservations.  There have been many nights where we have seated several different groups inside before any of the groups waiting outside have gotten in.  The sad part of it all is that these groups that are kept waiting are planning to spend thousands of dollars once they get inside.


Can you get us into 3 different clubs for 1 low price like some of your competitors?

Sure we can, but why?  The idea of taking your group to 3 different clubs for one low price is simply disturbing for a couple of reasons.  First of all, how can you really have time to enjoy yourself when you're hopping from one place to the next?  You end up spending more time traveling than you actually do in each spot!  Finally, do you honestly think that they plan on taking you to any clubs that you are familiar with?  Key2SinCity, on the other hand, mainly deals with the "hottest" and most "exclusive" clubs in town where our competitors have no "pull" to get in.  It may cost a little bit more, but isn't it worth paying a little extra to go where all of the action is?  We are not only very honest, but also highly selective when it comes to suggesting which nightclubs to check out.  Key2SinCity is in the business of seeing our clients have the time of their lives.


Does the limo come stocked with any alcohol?

The limo does not come stocked with any alcohol.  The reason being is that there is simply just not enough time to enjoy it.  All of our limo rides are generally going from Point A to Point B which is usually about 15~20 minutes each way.  Although some of our competitors may charge you for the alcohol that's in the limo, we do not think that it's fair for the client.  Why pay for something that you cannot finish or enjoy?  Key2SinCity is not in the business of charging its clients for costs that are unnecessary.  However, if you truly want to slam down several bottles of alcohol within that period of time, we will be more than happy to arrange it. 


Are we able to charter a limo for 6 hours with your company?

Absolutely, but we do not recommend it unless you plan on using it for the whole time. Other companies will gladly persuade you to charter a limo for "x" amount of hours.  Our packages usually include limo transportation from one place to another.  Why pay for 6 hours when you're going to actually be using it or even in the limo for half the amount of time that you're paying?  It just doesn't make sense to us.  Key2SinCity is in the business of charging you for the actual time that is used.


How will I know where to go and who to meet?

One of our VIP hosts will always be in constant communication with you from the time you get into town.  All of our VIP hosts are at your beckon call.  You will be given the direct cellular number to the VIP host who is handling your booking.  Once you get situated, one of our VIP hosts will set a time and place to meet with your group.  If you booked a package which includes limo transportation, one of our VIP hosts will then be waiting for you when you pull up to the designated location.  We take great pride on being very prompt when it comes to meeting our clients at a specified time and place.  Key2SinCity provides you with the peace of mind that any one of us is here to assist you.